What is the Google Web Store? Chrome Web Store App

Google Web Store App

What is the Google Web Store? Chrome Web Store App

Google Web Store App
Google Web Store App

That’s a fantastic question! The Google Web Store is an online store where Chrome users can browse and download apps, extensions, and themes for their browser.

The improvements will improve both your personal and office account browsing experience. Let’s have a look at The Chrome Web Store.

The Chrome Web Store is split into two sections, one for Chromebooks and the other for Chromebooks.

  • Extensions – Extensions are HTML, CSS, and JavaScript-based tools that allow users to modify and improve their surfing experience.
  • Themes – Themes allow you to personalize and elevate your Google Chrome browsers in a visually attractive manner.

There are two ways to get to the Chrome Web Store. The best technique is to just open a new tab on Google Chrome.

When you open the new tab, you’ll see either your favorite websites or the ‘Apps’ page, where you’ll see the Chrome Web Store symbol.

Look near the bottom of the screen and then, click on ‘Apps’ if you see the ‘Most Visited’ page.

The Google Web Store can be accessed by just opening the Google Chrome browser and entering the following URL:

  • chrome.google.com/webstore

You will be transported right to the Chrome Web Store home page after entering this URL, where you can begin browsing everything available to you!

Note: It is recommended that you download and install extensions or themes from a Google Chrome-accepted web store.

How to access Google Web Store

In the Google Web Store, what will I find?

Another good query! As earlier said, there are programs that you can add to your browser, extensions that can help you be more productive, and themes that allow you to customize your browser.

Below, we’ll go through each of these in further depth.


Web apps are one of the stuff that you can add to your Chrome browser. These applications are interactive websites that are added to your browser’s ‘New Tab’ page when you download them.

These applications include everything from playable games to Offline Gmail! You’ll be able to search for apps using the Chrome Web Store after you’ve accessed access.

You can also find different categories that include:

  • Popular
  • Trending
  • From your circles
  • Entertainment
  • Games
  • Lifestyle
  • News & Weather
  • Business Tools
  • Education
  • Productivity
  • Social & Communication
  • Utilities

We would like to recommend a few apps that people use and think you could benefit from also.

  • Gmail Offline
  • Google Voice (by Google)
  • Google Finance
  • Angry Birds (you have to have a little fun)
  • Chrome to Phone


Extensions are features that can be added to your browser and may be found in the Google Chrome Web Store’s ‘Extensions’ section. The Google Mail Checker is a wonderful example of one of these plugins.

This plugin shows you how many unread email messages you have in your inbox. If you are not logged in to your inbox, just click on the extension in the upper right-hand corner to access your inbox!

Take a look at the available extensions in the Apps department, which include categories that are very similar to the ones described above. A few extensions that we recommend are listed below:

  • Google+ Notifications
  • Chat for Google
  • Google Translate
  • Gmail Tweaks
  • Google Mail Checker


When it comes to plain, sometimes it’s just plain dull. Don’t worry, there are plenty of browser themes available in the Google Chrome Web Store to liven up your online browsing experience.

‘Themes’ is a section at the bottom of the Chrome Web Store navigation. You can look through a variety of themes that you can install on your browser to spice up your browsing experience.

You have the option of using Google-provided themes or themes created by professional skilled artists.

The following themes have a special place in our hearts:

  • Brushed (by Google)
  • Lilly Pulitzer (by Artists)
  • Baseball (by Google)

To install these themes, just right-click on the theme and pick ‘Choose Theme’, then ‘Add.’

Syncing your Account

One of our favorite aspects of the Google Chrome browser, and also the Web Store products, is that they can be synced across several computers!

Because all of these products are kept in the cloud, you can sign in to Chrome and have access to all of your bookmarks, extensions, themes, and apps from anywhere you log in to Chrome!

We hope you enjoyed today’s overview of the Google Web Store.

We recommend that you go to the Chrome Web Store and start adding apps, extensions, and themes to get the greatest surfing experience possible.

Let us know what you learned in the comments section below, and also with any advice you have for others. Also, if you liked this article, please give it a thumbs up so that others can enjoy it also!


How to get the Chrome Web Store unblocked?

Firstly, remove a website from the list of constrained sites.

  • Then, open Google Chrome, then select Settings from the three dots menu in the upper right corner.
  • After that, select Open proxy settings from the System menu.
  • Finally, choose the restricted sites from the Security tab, then click Sites.
Google Web Store Games – Is there a gaming section in the Chrome Web Store?

2048, Funky Karts, Gorescript Classic, and more are amongst the best Chrome Web Store games.

The Chrome Web Store is still a great place to buy and download new features for your Chrome browser or Chromebook.

Is there a VPN option in Google Chrome?

Although there is nothing like “Chrome VPN,” many VPNs include a Chrome extension that allows you to customize your connection.

Many of them are also completely free. They’re the best choices if you want quick access to the sites you prefer, no matter where you are.

How do I access MetaMask in Chrome?

How to fix and make use of Metamask on Google Chrome?

  • Visit Chrome Web Store Extensions Section.
  • Then, search for MetaMask.
  • Thirdly, check the number of downloads to make sure that the authentic MetaMask is being installed, as thieves might try to make clones of it.
  • Lastly, click the Add to Chrome button.


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