Microsoft Edge – Top 10 reasons to switch to the new browser

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge – The top 10 reasons to switch to the new Microsoft Edge browser

Microsoft Edge
Microsoft Edge

The New features give you comfort, support your focus, and connect you to the information you need.

According to, Google Chrome is the favored browser for more than 65% of internet users.

The likelihood is that you are reading this post on a Chrome alternative right now, so I don’t believe you needed me to tell you that.

But why does Chrome command such a large market share?

Chrome merely needs to be marginally superior to the alternative, which for a long time was Internet Explorer.

Chrome doesn’t even need to be better than the alternative.

When it was at its best, Google Chrome was quicker, prettier, and more individualized than other browsers.

However, I’m here to inform you that there is an alternative browser that offers almost all of the features you’ve come to expect from Chrome without using your computer’s resources.

Microsoft Edge is actually a good browser, as I’m here to inform you.

Microsoft is concerned about the security of our identity, our personal information, and the safety of our kids online.

Microsoft is beginning to doubt the current state of browsers. Maybe it’s time to demand more from the internet.

In order to begin their reimagining of the web, they completely rebuilt the Microsoft Edge browser using the Chromium engine last year.

As a result, they were able to provide websites with exceptional speed, performance, and compatibility with the websites and extensions you use every day.

It’s time to demand more from our browsers, including more control over our data and our family’s online information, new methods for categorizing our research online, and more benefits from our browsing.

Today, they’re announcing a number of new Microsoft consumer services, including improvements to Microsoft Edge that will save you time, help you keep organized, safeguard your identity and online data, and add value to your life.

Now is an excellent time to check out the new Microsoft Edge if you haven’t already.

Here is a couple of the new Microsoft Edge features I find most exciting.

  1. Organize your research with Collections

Animated GIF of Collections user interface on desktop

You can quickly group online pages, text, or images by dragging and dropping them into this pane on the right side of your browser after clicking the Collections button.

This can be done without opening any additional pages or programs.

After that, you can send your collection to Excel or Word. Collections assist me in making lesson plans for my children.

I browse the internet for all kinds of wonderful ideas, drag them over to the Collections pane on the right, and when I’m done, it exports the collection to a lovely Word document that I can print off for the kids with just a single click.

By copying and pasting your collection into Outlook or another email service, you may also share it.

Collections can be huge assistance whether you suddenly need to plan your child’s academic program or if spending more time at home have you finding your inner chef.

With Collections, you can quickly gather data from numerous websites, arrange it, export it into separate files, or simply resume your research at a later time and pick up where you left off.

Nowadays, it might be challenging to accomplish this, especially while using numerous devices and a huge number of websites.

Today, we revealed that Collections will also be available on mobile later this spring, making it simple to build, access, and sync your Collections across all of your devices.

Collections for desktops are currently available in the Insider channels and will soon be available in the Stable channel.

  1. Work efficiently with vertical tabs

Animated GIF of vertical tabs user interface

When conducting internet research, if you’re anything like me, you frequently have dozens of tabs open.

When it occurs, I have less room to distinguish between the tabs. I frequently get sidetracked or unintentionally dismiss a tab.

It’s very aggravating since usually I only need one page, and that was it.

Vertical tabs, a feature that makes it simple to identify and manage numerous open tabs at once, were introduced today.

The only browser that lets you manage your sidebar tabs with a single click is Microsoft Edge.

In the upcoming months, vertical tabs are anticipated in the Insider channels.

  1. Utilize smart copy to save time.

User interface for Smart Copy in an animated GIF

My favorite technological features are always those that appear to be the simplest and leave me wondering how I ever got by without them.

How frequently do you copy and paste web stuff into documents only to have the appealing web content transformed into a messy text mess that needs to be cleaned up?

Smart copy makes it simpler to choose, copy, and paste the precise web material you need while maintaining the rich web format. Your cursor can be used to choose any location or type of material.

Any images or links that were formatted will be retained when you paste. It sounds so simple, but trust me, it can completely alter your life. Next month, a smart copy is anticipated in the Insider channels.

  1. Regain control via tracking avoidance

I’ll admit it; I enjoy shopping. Therefore, I do occasionally find targeted ads helpful. Through this, I’ve discovered a number of new products online that I might not have otherwise.

Personalized advertisements that follow you across the web, however, can occasionally feel intrusive, if not downright creepy, for many people, especially for my kids.

By preventing you from being tracked by websites that you aren’t directly accessing, Microsoft Edge’s tracking prevention function gives you greater control over what you see and don’t see online.

You can choose between Basic, Balanced, or Strict settings depending on whether you’re using a desktop or mobile device.

The kinds of third-party trackers Microsoft Edge blocks will change depending on the configuration you select.

I prefer to utilize Balanced mode, which is the default setting, while I browse.

But I have Strict mode enabled on my children’s browsers. Tracking prevention is currently available and makes it simpler to monitor and manage who is tracking you online.

  1. Know if your passwords have been compromised on the dark web with Password Monitor

Animated GIF of Passwords Monitor user interface

Every year, data breaches expose millions of internet user credentials, which are then offered for sale on the dark web.

In Microsoft Edge, we’re introducing Password Monitor today to help protect your online accounts from hackers.

When activated, the Password Monitor function alerts you if the login information you’ve saved for autofill has been found on the dark web.

Microsoft Edge will notify you from within the browser to take action if it finds a match with any of your saved login + passwords.

You can check a list of all compromised credentials through a dashboard in Settings and be directed to their individual websites to change your password.

After changing the password, you may continue browsing with confidence knowing that Microsoft Edge and Password Monitor have your back by saving the new credential for autofill.

Once more, this is such a straightforward, basic solution that I feel SO much better about using the internet.

Nothing to be concerned about. In the upcoming months, Password Monitor is anticipated in the Insider channels.

  1. Maintain genuinely private browsing and search with InPrivate mode improvements.

InPrivate browsing user interface in an animated GIF

You may occasionally desire more online privacy. For instance, if I’m using a device with other family members, I might not want them to see the present I’m looking into for their birthday in order to make it a surprise!

Because InPrivate immediately deletes my history, cookies, and site data when I conclude a web surfing session, I like to utilize it in situations like these.

Additionally, the only desktop browser that includes built-in InPrivate Bing search is Microsoft Edge.

So, when I browse in InPrivate mode, neither my searches nor my account is associated with me. Now is the time for inPrivate browsing.

Bing’s InPrivate search feature is currently accessible in the Insider channels and will soon be available in the Stable channels as well.

  1. Immersive Reader makes it possible for anybody to learn from and utilize the web.

Everyone can read online more easily and conveniently thanks to Immersive Reader, which is a feature of Microsoft Edge.

Reading is one of the most popular hobbies on the internet, but if you have dyslexia or another reading disability, it may be challenging for you to do.

By selecting the Immersive Reader icon, you may focus better by getting rid of the screen’s interruptions and creating a more straightforward atmosphere.

You may also use a number of features to tailor the experience so that it works best for you, such as the option to hear the article read aloud or change the text size.

More features, such as line focus, will be added to Immersive Reader soon, which is now accessible.

  1. Microsoft Edge offers the most lifelike 4K and Dolby Audio viewing experience.

Many of us watch much more Netflix now than we did previously. When viewing content online, we want to offer the finest high-definition entertainment experience possible.

The only browser on Windows 10 that allows you to view Netflix in 4K is Microsoft Edge.

Furthermore, the only browser on Windows 10 that supports Dolby Audio and Dolby Vision is this one.

You and your friends now access your favorite 4K movies and TV shows like “Spenser Confidential,” “Locke and Key,” and “Night on Earth” from anywhere on your Windows 10 PC thanks to our relationship with Netflix.

There are numerous 4K Netflix titles available. This function is now accessible.

  1. Make a distinction – Donate using Bing

With everything going on these days, I strive to remember and teach my children the idea that even the smallest actions can have a significant impact.

Whether it’s taking care of oneself or watching out for others.

To help you support the causes you care about, we’re introducing Give with Bing and the Give Mode feature in Bing today.

Although it’s a small thing, it has the potential to have a big influence.

If you decide to use Bing for your searches, you can accrue reward points through the Microsoft Rewards program.

You can donate your reward points to any charity by enabling the new Give Mode feature in your rewards settings.

Simply use Bing to search at no cost to you. You can choose from more than 1 million nonprofit organizations to donate to and support a cause that is important to you, such as the COVID response supported by the CDC Foundation and others.

In order to assist make an even bigger impact, Microsoft Rewards will actually match all gifts through the end of June. Try it.

Sign up for Microsoft Rewards, enable Give Mode, and donate using Bing. Give Mode is now accessible.

  1. Microsoft Edge is prepared for you and switching is simple.

Anyone can download the updated Microsoft Edge right now by going to It works with Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices.

If you have Windows 10 and don’t yet have the new Microsoft Edge, you may download it right now or wait until next month when we complete the roll-out to get it on your PC.

And it’s quite simple to switch, with your favorites, passwords, form fill information, and fundamental settings rolling over to the new Microsoft Edge with just a single click, whether you download it yourself or wait for it to get on your PC.

Give Microsoft Edge a try if you haven’t already; you’ll be glad you did.

As we roll out new features, we’ll remain quality-focused.

In other words, all features will be tested in the Insider channels, starting in Canary and moving up to Stable only when we are happy with the stability and quality level.

All you need to do is wait if you downloaded the latest Edge.

When the features are prepared, your browser will be updated. You can sign up to become a Microsoft Edge Insider if you want to use them right away.

We’ve put a lot of effort into meeting the changing demands of today’s knowledgeable web users.

We think the new Microsoft Edge will provide you with excellent performance, more data control, and better methods to access and comprehend information.

It’s time to demand more from the internet.


Is Edge better than Chrome?

Both of these browsers perform admirably in terms of speed, however, most testing websites have found that Edge is quicker than Chrome.

Edge has been demonstrated to use less RAM per tab than Chrome in all of the testings I’ve seen.

It can be a huge advantage if you frequently open a lot of tabs.

What is Microsoft Edge used for?

The browser designed for Windows 10 is called Microsoft Edge, and it replaces Internet Explorer (IE).

It launched with Windows 95 and was a component of Windows operating systems for the next two decades.

Edge is a more compact, simplified browser created for Web services using Web standards.

What is replacing Microsoft Edge?

The advantages of using Chromium Edge will now support all of the same extensions as Chrome because the new Chromium Edge will be based on the same browser.

Is Edge safer than Chrome?

In fact, Microsoft Edge is safer for your Windows business than Google Chrome.

It features strong, native support for hardware isolation on Windows and strong built-in defenses against malware and phishing

—no additional software is needed to reach this secure baseline.

What are the disadvantages of Microsoft Edge?


  • No history search.
  • A small number of sites don’t work.
  • Fewer extensions than competitors.




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