How to Stop Airtel Auto-Renewal (Updated 2022)

How to Stop Airtel Auto-Renewal 2022

How to Stop Airtel Auto-Renewal (Updated 2022)

How to Stop Airtel Auto-Renewal 2022
How to Stop Airtel Auto-Renewal 2022
Cancel Auto-Renewal on Airtel

Unlike other Nigerian mobile networks, Airtel asks you if you want to allow the auto-renewal function whenever you buy/subscribe to a new data plan, which I think is great because you can easily opt-out.

Let’s imagine you agreed to enable it and then changed your mind and decided to turn it off. Here are the steps to cancel Airtel auto-renewal.

How to Stop Airtel Auto-Renewal: Cancel Airtel Auto-Renewal via SMS

Disabling the Airtel auto-renewal option is a simple process that requires no effort.

Follow the steps below to cancel auto-renewal on Airtel through SMS.

  • Go to the “Messages” or “SMS” app on your phone (all mobile devices come with this app)
  • Text “STOP” to 141 without the quotations.
  • Once you’ve successfully completed the aforementioned step, you’ll receive a confirmation message/SMS indicating that you’ve opted out of the Airtel auto-renewal service
How to Stop Airtel Auto-Renewal via Twitter

Most Airtel customers are unaware of this way of canceling auto-renewal.

Airtel Nigeria currently has a dedicated Twitter account for responding to clients who are having issues with their service.

Follow the steps given below to opt-out of the Airtel auto-renewal service using this manner.

  • Open the Twitter mobile app or website and log in to your Twitter account (you can create an account if you don’t already have one). Locate the search page and type “airtel care” into the search box (without quotes)
  • You should notice an authentic Airtel customer service account with a verified badge (don’t deal with any account that doesn’t have a verified badge), open the handle, and look for the send message icon/button.

Send them a message describing your issue and include your phone number as well as the data plan you’d like them to cancel on your Airtel line.

  • Take a deep breath and wait for them to respond
How to Stop Airtel Auto-Renewal via Airtel Customer Care

To opt-out of auto-renewal on any network, follow the steps outlined below.

  • To check your current plan, dial *123*5*1# and press 2.
  • Now look through the MTN data plans available in Nigeria and copy the subscription code.
  • Send the No+Subscription code to 131 after that.

SMS NO114 to 131, for example, to cancel auto-renewal on MTN’s daily plan (50MB).

MTN offers a wide range of data plans, including hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly data plans.

All you have to do now is append “NO” before the activation code and send it to “131.”

On MTN, use the code below to turn off auto-renewal.

Data PlanPriceCancel Auto-Renewal (SMS to 131)Validity
Daily Plans:

25MB for N50 – NO114 to 131

75MB for N100 – NO104 to 131

1GB for N350 – NO 155 to 131

2-Day Plans:

200MB for N200 – NO113 to 131

2GB for N500 – NO154 to 131

Weekly Plans:

350MB for N300 – NO102

750MB for N500 – NO103

Monthly Plans:

1.5GB for N1000 – NO106

2GB for N1200 – NO130

3.5GB For N2000 – NO110

6.5GB For N3500 – NO107

11GB for N5000 – NO116

25GB for N10000 – NO117

60GB for N20000 – N0118

100GB for N30000 – NO138

3-Months Plans:

120GB for N50000 – NO133

150GB for N70000 – NO134

MTN GoodyBag Data Plan

MTN GoodyBag Data Plan is a data plan offered by MTN.

MTN Nigeria has launched a data plan that allows you to browse and talk on your favorite social media platforms for a low cost of airtime.

This plan’s auto-renewal can be easily turned off.

  • Simply text STOP+Subscription Code to 131 to cancel your subscription.

See the deactivation codes below:


Daily – send STOPWAD to 131

Weekly – send STOPWAW to 131

Monthly – send STOPWAM to 131



Weekly – STOPFBW

Monthly – STOPFBM




Monthly – STOPTWTM




Monthly – STOPINSM



Weekly – STOPWCW

Monthly – STOPWCM






Daily – STOP2GOD

Weekly – STOP2GOW

Monthly – STOP2GOM




Monthly – STOPNIMM

You may also observe that deactivating autorenewal on the MTN GoodyBag social data package requires different codes. Simply put, the word “STOP” should be attached to the activation code.

MTN XtraValue Plan (MTN XtraValue Plan)

In case you didn’t know, the XtraValue is split into two (2) categories: XtraTalk, which provides more airtime for voice calls than Data Volume, and XtraData, which provides more data volume than voice calls.

Regardless of which plan you choose, you can opt-out of auto-renewal using the instructions below.

XtraData Bundles

N300 – NOD300 to 131

N500 – NOD500

N1000 – NOD1000

N2000 – NOD2000

N5000 – NOD5000

N10000 – NOD10000

N15000 – NOD15000

N20000 – NOD20000

XtraTalk Bundles

N300 – NOV300 to 131

N500 – NOV500

N1000 – NOV1000

N2000 – NOV2000

N5000 – NOV5000

N10000 – NOV10000

N15000 – NOV15000

N20000 – NOV20000

MTN BlackBerry Data Plan

Of course, you’re aware that BlackBerry plans are typically inexpensive and accessible.

Remember when you could get a blackberry daily plan for N100 and surf and download huge files online without worrying about running out of data (lol?).

This plan also has auto-renewal turned on; to turn it off, use the shortcode below.

  • Please text NO to 21600.

You should receive a notification confirming that the operation was successful.

Bundles for International Calling from MTN

This is a package that allows you to call people all over the world from Nigeria using the international voice minutes you’ve purchased.

MTN connects you to 18 overseas destinations, including:

  • Canada
  • China
  • Germany
  • India
  • Ireland
  • Malaysia
  • South Africa
  • United Kingdom
  • United States
  • Sweden
  • South Korea
  • Israel
  • Hong Kong
  • Romania
  • Denmark
  • Cyprus
  • Malta
  • Luxembourg

The N300 plan is for 20 minutes, the N500 plan is for 40 minutes, and the N1500 plan is for 150 international voice minutes.

Send NO+Bundle code to 131 to turn off auto-renewal on this plan.

  • For N300 Plan – SMS NOIDB300 to 131
  • For N500 Plan – SMS NOIDB500 to 131
  • To get N1500 Plan – SMS NOIDB1500 to 131
MTN Callertunez

Callertunez gives you the option of personalizing your ringtone. To delight your callers, you can change the default “PIN – PIN” tone to the latest hit music.

To subscribe, go to

To turn off auto-renewal on MTN Callertunez, follow these steps:

  • Simply text NO to 4100 and you’re done.

“In general, you can cancel auto-renewal on all existing MTN data subscriptions by texting STOPDATA to 131.”

Conclusion on How to Stop Airtel Auto-Renewal

I know how satisfying it is to reload your phone and sign up for a new data plan

Yes, your requested package has arrived, and now it’s time to start surfing.

What if your data is about to expire and you don’t want to enroll right now?

This page explains how to deactivate MTN and Airtel auto-renewal.


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